Rule tweaks and clarifications for Quester Party

December 18, 2018


Looking for a rule clarification? Read below and if you don't find you what you are looking for email tigerghost(at)

Video for setup is here 


Q: How does gameplay work when playing solo?

A: Each time you reveal a Quest card, change leaders as if 6 players were playing the game. In this way you can have each quester collect their own Quest cards. The goal is the same, defeat three bosses. If you need a difficulty boost, try starting without Power cards. 


Q: Do curse Power cards (curse monkey, seeing eye, etc.) need to be equipped during the draw phase? What if you draw more curses cards than you are allowed to keep?

A: Curse cards do need to be used over any other Power card drawn during the beginning draw phase at the start of the game. If you have multiple, choose the curse you prefer and discard the other. 


Q: What do you do with the cards not chosen at the start of the game?

A: All questers and Power cards not chosen are shuffled back into the Power and Quester card decks. When a Quester is destroyed by a Foe, they and all the power cards they have at that time are also discarded and there should be both a power card discard and quester discard. The difference is that Questers that are discarded do not rejoin the game and Power cards can be shuffled back into the game or picked by certain questers. 


Q: When a player already has a story card on a quester(s) they cannot play additional story cards on that quester, so what do you do with the story power card?

A: They can give the story card to another player in the party or keep it for later use but they should not redraw.


Q: Can Carrade invite the same Quester into the moom pact at each camp? 

A: Carrade can only ask one quester and only in camps. Once a quester has been asked to join they may not be asked again. 


Q:When I bump a quest card down do I have to draw the next card or can I draw a card from another stack? 

A: The bump mecanic was dsigned to be a last resort, so you would have to draw the next card in that stack no matter what be it Power cards, Quester cards or Quest cards. Azela however may bump again after the inital bump. 


Q: What happens when we run out of Power cards?

A: Shuffled the discarded Power cards and make a new Power card deck. If there are no Power cards remaining, nothing special happens- but you should be doing well!


Q: What happens when all the Questers are discarded?

A: Game over!



Q: Some Questers have skills that read 'become Leader at Keeper locale" (or other code). 

A: If the player with that Quester (Nestra or Prince Bearson, Jaranga, Abe or Mickey) is already on their turn, they would then take a another turn with that Quester as the lead-quester. If it is not that players turn, they they would be become leader and play would continue from their spot. This could result in skipping players.




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