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Quester Party is a hybrid co-op fantasy card game that has players working together and going for their own win at the same time. Click here for the rulebook. Build a party of questers among the five legendary codes of Mutra to complete with Power Orbs and special items. Give those quest cards a good shuffle and your journey will begin! Take turns as the leader revealing quest cards, collecting as many cards as you can to lock the overall win in the end. Pool your Power Orbs to defeat the foes you encounter along the way. To earn that sweet taste of victory with the group win, you must hunt down and defeat 3 of the Bosses. Along the way you will need to use your path finding and quester abilities to locate and wield powerful artifacts to boost your party’s strength. Featuring 108 different cards and a randomized setup, each quest will bring something new to your table.

Looking for rule clarifications? Check out the blog

Quester Party features artwork by the game designer Matt Kirsch in Stevens Point, WI who also directs the fantasy paddling event PaddleQuest. 

Card lineup.png

108 cards

Questers, Foes, Bosses, Locales and Power cards.


How to play-A quick start tutorial

Quester Party is here. A game of parties, battles and Power Orbs. Lots of Power Orbs.


Rule tweaks and clarifications for Quester Party

December 18, 2018

Looking for a rule clarification? Read below and if you don't find you what you are looking for email tigerghost(at)gmail.com.

Video for setup is here 


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