This is home to games being brewed up in Stevens Point, WI by Matt Kirsch and friends. Quester Party, a hybrid game of adventure, is ready to ship the first edition and there are other games in the works. Matt organizes the live-action paddling adventure game PaddleQuest, held in Stevens Point every August. If you are into games and the outdoors, check it out. 


Quester Party

100% funded!

The first game to launch for Tiger Ghost is Quester Party, a card game of teammwork and exploration in the world of Mutra. It will be available for purchase mid-Decemer at the local makers market Agora in Stevens Point but will also be online at as well. 

Create a party of questers and attempt to defeat 3 Bosses. Along the way collect as many cards as possible and the player with the most tokens, wins. If your party also crushes the Bosses, you get a win win!

There are 108 different cards and setup is random, so each play will result in a unique adventure.

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